What's all this, then?

This is external storage space for a brain.

Brains aren't viewable to others, but this can be shared out of the love of archivism and openness. If you wish to view it, know that it was not created for you, and there are some things you ought to know..

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  • Space Engine

    • I had some reasonable hopes for this, but torturous camera controls became immediately frustrating. It's like I was the very first person to actually try a controller, which means the author never has.


  • Testing USB storage was tweaked.
  • Path of Exile might have been resurrected, but wasn't.

    • I realised it's overwhelmingly complex and however expert I may be it cannot just be an idle game that one can drop in on and play a bit of. So I'm not going to bother with it any more.

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Two friends go on vacation, with one of them seriously ill and possibly dying, but a new illness progresses.

How do I describe this without spoiling it? I know a lot of people don't like found-footage movies, but this one is quite good as it actually shows everything.

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(on Wikipedia)

The son of a demon king, destined to destroy the world and all humanity, is just an average guy in a difficult relationship trying to save the world. Or something.

A forgettable movie made all the more terrible because of its attachment to its parent. This movie lacks anywhere near that movie's theme or mood. This is a joke semi-fantasy film.

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