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An anti-robot cop investigates the death of the father of contemporary artificial intelligence-enabled robots.

A great movie through and through. Highly recommended and a welcome addition to my science fiction movie catalog.

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An evil sorcerer queen hunts a baby who's prophesied to kill her, but the baby is being spirited away by a pair of unlikely heroes: A scoundrel and a gnome.

Fun as hell. Mandatory viewing.

TODO - To watch with commentary and all the bonus material.

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The Art of War cover

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A military treatise summing up the military experiences prior to and during the mid-Warring States period (475 BC - 221 BC).

Two editions of translations were released, and this publication includes everything:

  1. The 15 chapters of part 1 released in 1985
  2. The additional chapter released in 1985
  3. The 15 chapters from 1975's Part II, which were excised for that 1985 edition.

If this is what I think it is, then I first read this as The Second Art of War and found it a much better read than its predecessor. I was never able to find a book with that title.

  • aka Sun Bin: The Art of War
  • This is a two-book hardcover which also has the original/earlier The Art of War - (~476 BC book), by Sunzi
  • Published 2000-01-01
  • ISBN-10 7119024124
  • ISBN-13 978-7119024127
  • Note: I've read the author died in 310 BC, and I haven't seen a more accurate date for this book.

    • p.21 - Sunzi and Sun Bin lived more than 160 years apart.
  • Sun Bin (孫臏 · 孙膑)

    • Historians came to call him "Qi Sunzi" (Master Sun of Qi).

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