What's all this, then?

This is external storage space for a brain.

Brains aren't viewable to others, but this can be shared out of the love of archivism and openness. If you wish to view it, know that it was not created for you, and there are some things you ought to know..

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To "port" is to bring things over from elsewhere. They will become either new pages or major updates. Small pages and minor updates are not noted.

From ancient archives

a note on article dates

  • The dates from the oldest articles (probably 2005 and earlier) are likely wrong, as they were ported from a still-older content management system.

    • Articles do not show the article time at the moment, but I've been internally nothing date-unknown articles by giving them a timestamp of 00:00.
    • Just as this "five things" process exists, I had an earlier series of notes tracking a still-earlier porting process. In due time, I'll go through that list and correct dates as best I can.

915 articles left to process..

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Compacts vendor lists, and adds search functionality.


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World of Warcraft > AddOns >

https://www.wowace.com/projects/chocolatebar [ 1 ] also redirects from www.curseforge.com/projects/17424/

A bar for your LibDataBroker addons.

If it gets abandoned, check in on https://github.com/agentschmitt/ChocolateBar/

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1. also redirects from www.curseforge.com/projects/17424/
Face ∕ Off - (1997 movie) image

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(on Wikipedia)

A cop dons the appearance of a criminal mastermind in order to foil his terrorist plot.

An excellent, though generally-forgettable, bubblegum movie.

Perhaps see also:

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