What's all this, then?

This is external storage space for a brain.

Brains aren't viewable to others, but this can be shared out of the love of archivism and openness. If you wish to view it, know that it was not created for you, and there are some things you ought to know..

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Ten Years - (2015 movie) image

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A criminal syndicate works toward panic to implement legal changes.

It was slow, awkward and amateur.. and I watched the first part and stopped watching after just 20 minutes.

  • aka Sap Nin
  • aka 十年

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The-Red-Pill-2016-movie poster

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(on Wikipedia - warning: ideological bias)

A feminist's documentary about men's (human) rights.

A refreshing piece of work, with the intellectual morals to actually talk to the men's rights advocates being talked about. The contrast between "the sides" is truly astonishing.

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Star Trek 10 - Nemesis image

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The Romulans have an internal power struggle, and The Enterprise is brought in for diplomacy by one of their factions, which has a member particularly interested in their captain.

Generally trashy and obvious, with multiple issues throughout. Not worth watching. Definitely avoid if not already a fan of the television show, as this is an absolute mess without a moderate understanding of its lore.

  • Properly titled Star Trek X: Nemesis

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Payback - (1999 movie) poster

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Betrayed by his partner-in-crime over syndicate buy-in money, and by his wife over his affair, a man returns from his assumed-murder to collect his cut from their last job.

An amazing movie that has a great tone throughout. It's straightforward and blunt. Although Mel Gibson is flat, it works for both the character and the movie.

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Iron Fist - (2017- television show) image

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The son of a billionaire family survives them in a plane crash in the Himalayas, and returns after being raised by monks only to find their ancient enemies throughout his old home and business. Basically Marvel's Batman.

At first I was going to ignore this series, because the Iron Fist trailer made it look like utter trash, but the YUR A WHITE MALE "mainstream liberal media" response made me interested.

Even though the superhero genre is generally tiring, this show is well worth watching, and its response is a beautiful example of fake news manufactured by "social" "justice".