What's all this, then?

This is external storage space for a brain.

Brains aren't viewable to others, but this can be shared out of the love of archivism and openness. If you wish to view it, know that it was not created for you, and there are some things you ought to know..

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Everything is frail to failure. Be it hardware, software, data, business relationships, or people, nothing is immortal and immutable.

Many things are immediately recognized; the hardware and software, but we fail to see people; the wetware. They represent the intellectual backbone of major projects, the "wet infrastructure" upon which our technology relies, and when they cannot contribute, their projects suffer and we suffer. Their influence isn't just notable, but critical.

For the internet, esr calls them Load-Bearing Internet People.

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World of Warcraft 1 (Vanilla) revisited.

coming soon

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G.I. Joe - Retaliation - (2013 movie) poster

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An elite enemy group infiltrates the presidency of the United States, and initiates a plan to force the world into disarmament and submission.

A standard American action movie™ of no note.

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