3 comments on “rss2email, and a rant on usability-apathy

  1. Hi *whew*.

    Anyway, sometimes gui is good. I for one found your website because this rss2email thing takes so much time to figure out.

    "Usability apathy" yes, i think they did that on purpose. Because there are far better versions of rss2email applications (desktop and web) that are easier to use - but costs something.

    I for one have a top secret application to this rss2email python script, unfortunately because I am so scatter brained I took up one whole day to figure out the darn thing. Yeah, I am not so smart and all, if you feel like helping me, I've got a question. Might be the wrong place but all heck all the other places are not responding.

  2. so what i had in mind was this. is there a way for me to run "r2e run" without having to load all the feeds? I just want to run for example r2e run (feed 1)?

    • Off the top of my head I don't think it's possible to update one single feed from the list, but I can't remember.

      I did end up playing with rss2email a bit more, but it ended up falling down flat. I haven't gotten around to writing a follow-up blog post to discuss that though..

      While I was experimenting, I did conceive of a way to add and remove feeds in an external list and keep track of things in such a way that rss2email could only update one feed at a time, and only for items past a certain date etc..

      But before I could get into that scripting, I gave up on rss2email and I can't really remember why. My notes are pretty vague too. There was a huge issue with getting it working with one of my mail providers, and it kept on sending duplicate emails.

      It basically failed at doing what it was made to do..

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