8 comments on “Culture

  1. [[Culture]] was refactored, and the culture category was destroyed. I really hate the [[category]] setup with [[MediaWiki]].. it's not particularly useful, so I won't use categories any more.

  2. All major items for [[Culture]] have been [[port]]ed over from an earlier content management system. Some minor stuff remains to be worked with.

  3. - A few [[Beliefs |Belief]]-related items were [[port]]ed to Culture.
    - Culture was tidied up a bit, to make a few categories. I'm probably going to have to break this page down at some point, but not until I've figured some stuff out.

  4. added some phrases.

    I don't know why I should bother maintaining this page.. but it's there to be done and I'm paying my respects to my past self.

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