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    • xmonad is very nice, but it's keyboard-oriented, so it's not appropriate for regular humans. I wouldn't put it in a distribution meant for the general public.

  1. "not appropriate for regular humans."

    What exactly do you mean by that? Don't most "regular humans" use a keyboard for their computing? Generally I find using a mouse less appropriate (and a lot harder on my wrist - RSI anyone?). You can run Xmonad with Gnome or KDE.

    Also, Awesome (in your list) is keyboard-oriented. Both Awesome and Xmonad were derived from dwm.

    • No, regular humans don't use a keyboard for working with windows.

      Your and my preferences are quite different though. I strongly require keyboard use, but window managers that end up being freakishly keyboard-oriented need to be set aside. I don't even want to bother hacking through configuration to "fix" those "broken defaults".

      Awesome is keyboard-oriented? I honestly couldn't tell.

      My notes are pretty thin on Xmonad, and my memory is even thinner.. so I may end up revisiting it. If i'm either wrong with my notes, or it ends up being keyboard-oriented by default and there's a way to configure it to be mouse-oriented for normal users then it would get back in the running.

      I've been working on some other software, and scripting, so window managers won't be looked at for a bit. The first release of Oldschool Linux will probably just have Openbox since I can simply copy my local configuration over without much thought.

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