2 comments on “Atheist YouTube channels, now gone

  1. Hey, this is JonathanClement140. I took my own channel down voluntarily because I was being harassed by trolls on facebook, and I decided to take down as much as I could that had my real name on it.

    • I've heard similar stories elsewhere, with people going so far as to use false DMCA claims to flag a person's videos and either:

      - Take the channel down with 3 DMCA flagged videos in a certain time frame.
      - Get the channel owner's contact information if they fight a DMCA claim.

      Consider taking some time off, then restarting things anonymously if the topic still interests you.

      Remember that attacks are the last resort of people who have nothing viable to retort with. Harassment means you're right, and they know it.

      I hope things work out for you.

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