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  1. This is a very good piece. But I doubt that history would be so easily change by solely advising the past thrones of this Earth. The idea of 'scientific import' is a critical step in legacy building for every prospective culture. Unfortunately, scientific advancement isn't just reading the 'right' texts at the right time. Science advances only as a result of 'critical, unbiased thinking from the null hypothesis'... its a living process. The Romans were actually quite brutal, the Empire decayed as a result of civil war.

    The sociological elements of every past civilization are quite complex... continuous civilizations such as China, India, Iran and Greece (just random examples.) are built on isolationism.
    The elements that make them stable, is potentially the weakness of a modern world.

    Tougher than democracy, utopia hasn't evolved yet. Killing & conquering the way to the top sets the stage for heading to the bottom.

    Even with the most magical of technologies, the Universe has to give. Ask yourself this...'Will I become a conqueror? social worker? Or bureaucrat?'

    You may want to really think, before you rewrite everything.

    Best advice,'Build from here, build from now.'

    • Probably the best thing to do would be to hop through time sweeping up useful bits into a preserved collection which could be more fully appreciated in the present or near future. The missing works of Shakespeare. The lost works in the Library of Alexandria. Ancient Greek clockwork. Who knows what else has vanished without a trace.

      Tinkering with the past is a ridiculous unknown with little hope for control. Learning from it is far more valuable.

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