7 comments on “How to use the same webcam in two different scenes in OBS Studio

  1. Thanks for the brief writeup. I was about to start pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to keep those darned filters separate!

  2. This was very helpful for me as well. Thank you so much for it. Saved the day.

  3. Hi there. I am looking for a way to switch shots from one end of the room to the other and back. The transition has to happen quickly. We originally had it set up using multiple scenes, "replay input" and taking still shots with hot keys to cover the transition time and releasing them when the camera arrived at the new shot. Is that the best way to do this? We lost the set up during a glitch and now the guy who set it up for me doesn't remember what we did and I was only watching so I don't know. If there is an easier way I'd love to know what that is too! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    • The trick is to have both cameras constantly on and active even though both of them aren't being used within an OBS Studio scene.

      In the "sources" section..

      For each of your webcams, right-click and check the properties.

      Make sure "Deactivate when not showing" is not checked-on.

      Now your scene switches should be instant.

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