4 comments on “NZXT H2 - (computer case)

  1. How do i removed the filter from the front fans. I want to upgrade the fans. I'm afraid i might bend it and snap them .
    Please any suggestions

    • You do have to bend them to get them out.

      If you want to be careful:

      - Grasp the plastic in one hand so it bends a little out to you.
      - Place a finger at one of the sides which is resisting the pull.
      - Try to almost pull the plastic away from that edge.

      However, just now I literally yanked it off quickly and it easily pops right out with less force! I tried this several times and it's harder to get it back on than it is to yank it off.

  2. Thanks, another question. How do disconnect the 3pin fan cable from the housing, I have tried pressing the bottom clip. It wont release the cable.

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