3 comments on “Email strands ideas

  1. Nice essay! Lots of truth in it. In fact, I thought it so important that I saved the whole thing to my own disk file.

    I read it years ago. Funny that you've reposted it in just the last few days.

    I was re-visiting your site, as I do on occasion, to see if any progress has been made on your "compiled website" idea and related stuff. Looked really good when I first saw it. I liked the idea of storing everything as plain text; I liked the streamlined markup idea; etc. I keep hoping that you will carry the project forward.

    Warm regards,


    • Thanks Alan.

      The compiled website project is mostly-dead now. Programming skills leave me pretty easily, and I've had a lot of other things on my mind for years now.

      I intend to migrate content from spiralofhope.com to blog.spiralofhope.com and retire the project entirely.

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