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An awkward dungeon management game, with walls you can't dig out, rooms you build but don't know how much of or what size, and an interface that could only be inspired by a 1980s DOS game.

Absolutely not recommended.

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A woman is pulled back into a life of crime, only to learn that what she helped steal has other interested parties.

A mediocre movie which just feels off and awkward. Definitely not recommended.

Olga Kurylenko is either an absolutely awful actor, or playing an absolutely awful character, or maybe both. Probably both.

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An operating system most notably on mobile phones, but also found on media boxes.

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My cover is different
My cover is different

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A spoiled little girl loses her rich parents and is sent away to live with her reclusive heartbroken (rich) relative.

The story is fairly awful to me, though I can see how this was popular at the time. It has definitely aged, not just in its period but in its language and writing style.

I'll class this as "liked", but I only see this as being good for historical reasons and wouldn't recommend it. I'll also class this as child-friendly, except it's child-friendly in its context: A parent reading to their child in the early 1900s.

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