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A day-walking vampire halts his crusade against them, forming a truce to hunt an even worse monster.

An adequate movie, with an acceptable amount of over-the-top nonsense. Definitely worth watching for fans of the original. Easily stands the test of time.

  • Properly titled Blade II

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Blade - (1998 movie) poster

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Born as the survivor of a bitten-pregnancy, a part-vampire "day walker" continues his crusade amidst one of their ranks' power play for leadership.

A classic movie, before the whole superhero genre got entirely out of hand. It's an unfortunate rewriting of the original comic book, but it does well with what it has. It's blunt and stiff, yet entertaining.

It has only a couple of moments of technology which feel old, otherwise it has held up well.

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Dracula Untold - (2014 movie) poster

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A boy turned into a horrifying soldier becomes a totally likable guy.

I believe I watched this movie already, but perhaps it faded from memory due to its mediocrity. I couldn't watch very far in before being entirely turned off at the concept of the main character.

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Van Helsing - (2004 movie) poster

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An unaged man without a memory is sent by a secret multifaith order of monster hunters as the last hope of a lineage doomed to purgatory unless they slay the lord of all vampires.

Not a great or bad movie, but still good enough to be worth watching. It's mostly interesting because of its main character, and the rest of it is piecemeal and without particular substance.

I think this movie was my initial introduction to Kate Beckinsale, and it turns out she's a lot hotter in my memory than in this actual movie. Maybe she was better-presented in the next movies of hers that I saw after this.

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