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I can see how this would be fun, but it isn't for me. Sliding around when moving is annoying as fuck and was a gimmick back from whatever super nintendo super mario brothers game..

  • My first startup gave a fucked up black-ish screen that wouldn't even let me alt-f4. alt-tab didn't work either, but win-d let me see my desktop and right-click > close it.
  • Pressing a random other key to jump is annoying. Jump means cursor up.. no exception.
  • Fuck.. sliding around is dumb.


An awkward shooter which has a music player. I guess the music is related to the gameplay, but I don't see how.

  • Online radio song selection.
  • Really shit folder selection. I accidentally hit upon v to use a proper windows dialog.
  • Cannot choose a folder and have it recursively search.