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I was first introduced to Shakira through Whenever, Wherever (2001 song), via the video, and really loved it. I hunted through my resources and found that she had been around for quite some time and a lot of her music was in Spanish (Españoles). Many thanks to that anonymous person somewhere in South America who had an excellent collection which I could build on.

Having lost my fear of "foreign" music through my appreciation for Lacuna Coil (Italian) and later for Vintersorg (Swedish), I fell in love with her voice even when not in English.

A strange aside.. for some reason a song or two really rung a bell for me.. as if I had heard them before somewhere. Nada es facil ("Inevitable", 1998 - Dónde Están Los Ladrones? #05) did that for me. Weird.

I also bumped into a couple of other artists by the name of "Shakira".. go figure. =)

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Copyright versus Community in the Age of Computer Networks, July 2000

I know that this would be frowned upon, but I made some minor formatting edits for readability. It seems that the copy I have below is different than what's hosted, so perhaps it's been updated.

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