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2009-04-21 Update: LXTerminal and fbpanel have a clock built in which does the job nicely.

The basic idea is to call up a terminal whose title is the current date and time. Think of it this way.. I don't need to have a clock staring me in the face all the time, so I just need to bring it up occasionally and then dismiss it, and so I don't need to worry about fancy things like it staying updated.

This was for Blackbox. See also bbtime

Soulful writing > Buddhism >

During my glancing at Buddhism, I write/rewrote this introduction as a way to understand and explain it better.

This was inspired by Mike Butler and's Introduction to Buddhism but was largely transformed by my own hand. In particular, some phrases herein were kept intract, as they were both strong and clear. Of note, much of the last two thirds of the eightfold path is a direct copy of the original. I liked it that much.

See the cache and contemporization topics for philosophies behind why I sometimes begin with an existing work and build from there.

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