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In many cases, I am specifically saving up for or researching things, so surprise gifts might be wonderful if you're lucky. However, because the research is intimate, I might also be terribly offended at having my little personal quest dashed. I hate surprises and I hate gifts. Surprises are stressful as hell because sometimes their intention is good but their delivery is not. Gifts carry the weight of responsibility (see also Animism).

Instead of a gift of the completion of a task, I would much appreciate the gift of research or help on its completion: Advice.

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Software > File managers >

This program is no longer maintained, but it's the only worthy (slim and sensible) X file manager I could find.

thunar might be a challenger, except that sfm lets me very quickly use an alternate app.

  • Note that there are a couple of file managers named "SFM" or "Simple File Manager".

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Not to be mistaken for Hackers - (1995 movie)

2004-11-10 TODO -- Talk about the various 'hats' as a cultural concept. Talk about the other applications of this concept of expertise.. as with 'gear head'. Link to wanderlust and Zuihitsu and wiki gnome and more and more.

Glider emblem
Glider emblem

Genius + Programmer = Hacker

(on Wikipedia · Hacker culture)

A broad concept applied to a person who has the hobbyist spirit to tinker.

This is a large topic which I have plenty of notes on which will eventually find themselves here.

/tag/hackers and /tag/hacking

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EncFS logo

Security > Software >

(on Wikipedia)

EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space. It runs without any special permissions and uses the FUSE library module to provide the filesystem interface.

2016-12-28 - I have no memory of using this. Boy will it be awkward if I come across stuff encrypted with it.

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