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My first recipe.

This is a chili-like bean dish, eaten alone. It uses readily available ingredients, only one medium-sized pot, has only two things you need to chop up. It takes a good half an hour to get past the preparation and initial stages, and over an hour for it to cook slowly.

This makes two big bowls.

Very tasty.. tamer than the curry alone, the onions definitely add a flavour. The lentils are still pretty firm. It's an interesting stew of sorts. Of note, there is a sweetness to it which I can't put my finger on. It's probably from either the onions (browned a bit too much -- carmalizes the sugars) or the raisins.

I think this can be eaten with some fresh bread as a meal unto itself. A glass of milk with it would be nice to help tame the spicyness, not that it's very spicy.

This is REALLY good cold!

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