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A programmer's book for the Scheme implementation of Lisp.

Ack!: Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to read this book. It's not geared towards people who are new to Lisp so it's impossible to comprehend in any way. I don't want to learn lisp, I want to learn the problem solving skills touted for this book. Oh well...

I gave it away, though to whom I cannot recall.

The Little Schemer - 4th Edition
by Daniel P. Friedman and Matthias Fellesein
Foreword by Gerald J. Sussman
ISBN 0-262-56099-2 (pbk: alk. paper)

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Fight Club (1999) poster

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A corporate drone goes mad and spirals into psychopathy, violently lashing out at society.

An absolutely mandatory film. As heavy-handed as its anti-corporatism is, it has fantastic subtleties requiring multiple viewings. There are very few movies which can achieve this level of watchability. This is absolutely an A-class dudebro movie.

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