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A programmer's book for the Scheme implementation of Lisp.

Ack!: Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to read this book. It's not geared towards people who are new to Lisp so it's impossible to comprehend in any way. I don't want to learn lisp, I want to learn the problem solving skills touted for this book. Oh well...

I gave it away, though to whom I cannot recall.

The Little Schemer - 4th Edition
by Daniel P. Friedman and Matthias Fellesein
Foreword by Gerald J. Sussman
ISBN 0-262-56099-2 (pbk: alk. paper)

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Fight Club (1999) poster

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A corporate drone goes mad and spirals into psychopathy, violently lashing out at society.

An absolutely mandatory film. As heavy-handed as its anti-corporatism is, it has fantastic subtleties requiring multiple viewings. There are very few movies which can achieve this level of watchability. This is absolutely an A-class dudebro movie.

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Rejected - (2000 movie) image

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Don Hertzfeldt's short cartoon.

DON'T BUY THIS. God, it's terrible.. and there's no content to it. Unless you're a fan. A really big fan. You know, like Godzilla big.

2006-03-09 - I thought I would eventually pick up a compilation DVD that included Billy's Balloon because I loved that one, but on second thought, never mind about Billy's Balloon. It was amusing in the theatre the first time. Re-watching it.. it's sad. Hertzfeld's stuff is junk.

The monkey poured coffee in my boots...


  • it cost more to produce the DVD than it did the film itself

  • rob wanted to include the latest star wars trailers as hidden extras, but we figured that somebody probably owned the rights to those

  • on certain players, after playing the deleted scene all the way through, pressing the "menu" button every other time will take you back to the deleted scene menu instead of the main menu. weird!

  • on certain players, when on chapter 1 while playing the film, pressing the left "chapter skip" button twice will suddenly take you straight to the deleted scene menu. wha?!

  • pressing "pause" at any time during playback somehow causes the entire screen to freeze up. alternately, pressing "fast forward" makes the film play really rapidly. doo?

  • a few complicated shots in the film proved surprisingly difficult to compress to don's satisfaction, but it's nearly impossible to notice unless you are don

  • this is a never-before-seen sketch from the first part of the 'monkey flower' discarded scene, featuring the mysterious bunny ear guy in a potato chip commercial. like the rest of the monkey flower scene, it was never photographed and was discarded.

  • this is a photo of two dogs with three legs in the SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME

(When the image link broke, that final entry was removed from this page)