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A file describing convention first introduced by JP Software's 4DOS.


  • A platform-independent method of storing additional information.
  • A great aid for when file names are limited; character restriction, length restriction.

Supporting software:

  • QuickView -- To my knowledge this is the only application which used descript.ion files for true metadata; image preview caching. It was a really slick thing to do too.

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A ubiquitous shell. The default for almost all Linux distributions.

Random notes on this software.

I would much rather use the same Zsh environment on Windows and Linux. Having to figure out portability is annoying.

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A set of applications which run on a computer's operating system. They allow a person to actually make use of a computer. These applications are the link between the user's desires and fulfillment of those desires, e.g. projects.

This topic is the never-ending quest for a comfortable operating system and suite of software.

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Ruby is a true object-oriented programming language renown for its ease for comprehension and maintainability. It can do most of the things other programming languages can do, but the programmer has more fun.

Now at the end of 2016, when I look at my very old notes from 2007 I wonder.. Is Ruby's hayday over?.