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Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga 2 image

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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was which was, in 2020-01-01, Flash!

A Pretty boring elements-based game. Basically.. from memory, you must select the right combination of moves.

The scenery is boring. It's a bunch of interconnecting rooms. You walk around and get lost, and have randumb encounters.

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Blade meets other vampire hunters who are working against vampire plans to resurrect the progenitor vampire to try to make better vampires. Again.

A mediocre movie. For big fans of the first two, this is recommended. For people who found the first one okay and the second one merely passable, this can be safely skipped.

For fans of either of Jessica Biel or Ryan Reynolds, this is a look into their future movies.

  • Properly titled Blade: Trinity

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Blade 2 - (2002 movie) 01

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A day-walking vampire halts his crusade against them, forming a truce to hunt an even worse monster.

An adequate movie, with an acceptable amount of over-the-top nonsense. Definitely worth watching for fans of the original. Easily stands the test of time.

  • Properly titled Blade II

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