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A particularly good scroll-and-slay type game. Pseudo-rpg, with character improvements via weapons and equipment.

Decent game. Has a fair amount of complexity but it's manageable. The camera controls somehow don't work for me. A bit repetitive until you get into things properly.. and then it's fun.. repetitive but fun. Crap-assed ending.

  • I also had Drakengard, but accidentally got the PAL version.

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Linux distributions >
See also Linux distributions based on PCLinuxOS

(on Wikipedia)

  • Switched from this to various distributions before settling on Unity Linux
  • 2015-05-15 - I can't get this booting on a USB stick. No documentation.
  • I think I either used a little of other distributions, or I switched to PCLinuxOS from Slackware.
  • PCLinuxOS tricks and tips

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