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Multiple regular-video formats. Simple and works.

2007-04-28 - While it works if compiled (slowly) from source, and can sync audio properly now that I've tried it again.. it can't capture a reasonable-sized screen. It doesn't even get the aspect ratio right.

xvidcap (gvidcap) - says it can record audio, and it can, but it doesn't do it right. I have to research this problem.

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An audio player.

A really fucking inexcusably-ugly audio player. Thankfully abandoned.

  • Note that is not their website! See What ever happened to XMMS.ORG?

  • Can use the libSIDPlay2 plugin to play c64 SID audio. See Oldschool music.
  • XMMS2 might have been a replacement, but it's apparently abandoned too.
  • bmp was meant to be a GTK port, but it was ultimately abandoned.

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more coming later

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A straightforward but powerful window manager.

Openbox has been my window manager of choice for years now. Over that time, I've amassed some significant knowledge which I'll try to maintain here.

The window manager in LXDE.

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Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories - (2006 game) image

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Steam: Disgaea 2 PC

Well, it's got a sellout anime feeling to it. The graphics and sound are more cartoonish. A number of the annoyances of the first game have been hammered out, but there is a "toy" quality to the game which replaces the original gritty feeling of the original game.


  1. Disgaea - Hour of Darkness - (2003 game)
  2. Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories - (2006 game)

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