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Pretty much the de-facto video player on Linux, as it comes with most Linux distributions. It can play both audio and video, and works at the commandline.

Although it's great, it's a last resort compared to other audio playing software.

Although it can play without one, the common frontends are:

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Shelled Hemp Seeds

I got 9 buckets from these guys and moderately enjoyed them. I didn't really know what to do with them so I ate most straight and sold some to a friend. They didn't really work in oatmeal.

Rocky Mountain Grain Products (299614 Alberta Ltd.)
Box 550, Lethbridge
Alberta, T1J 3Z4 Canada
snowrk at telusplanet dot net

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Combines rsync with diff storage, so one can retrieve a backup from any point in time.

My initial impression was "Works wonderfully well.. very easy to use, very nice. Would be nice to have a GUI tool for recovery purposes though, but oh well." .. but my 2009-04-01 glance was a flop.

  • Needs SSH for remote stuff.. it would work nicely with an ssh mount!

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TODO - add my notes, and scripts

(on Wikipedia)

A program for identifying (and optionally deleting) duplicate files residing within specified directories.

An essential part of my toolkit, giving me detailed information on the tangled mess that are my archives.

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