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Mark Lord's 'symlinks' utility.

Scans directories for symbolic links, and identifies dangling, relative, absolute, messy, and other_fs links. Can optionally change absolute links to relative within a given filesystem. Recommended for use by anyone developing and/or maintaining a Linux FTP site or distribution or CD-ROM.

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2009-07-24 update: it works again

I wanted to report an issue with zsh, but I can't.

The problem is that they've got harsh blocking rules which prevent emails from any account.  I went through a lot of trouble to research other email accounts and to sign up for one only to learn that email addresses are also blocked.  An old account is also blocked.

5.7.1 Blocked by SpamAssassin

Seriously people, figure it out and make it work.

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Well, I got schooled with all kinds of bootloader and install issues I was having with Unity Linux 0.99-alpha2.

Boy did I get into trouble.  I took three pages of notes before I finally managed to scrap 0.99-alpha2 and get 0.99-alpha1 working again.

It's mostly a problem of my lack of understanding too.  I'll need to take another pass at the whole affair after reading some advice I got.  I know how I'll do things differently next time.

I hope to get into it later this week, although docs are a higher priority at this point since I've left things on auto-pilot for a while.. i.e. nobody was doing anything.

Somehow my postings always have a couple of issues that I find after posting them. I always find myself editing and re-editing and re-re-editing a post to improve it, even though I scan it carefully a couple of times before the initial post. I guess I'm still a wiki user at heart.

My apologies to anyone who is subscribed via RSS, as they will probably be fed the original creation. =/