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Update: [[Five Things]] is meant to help with this sort of thing.

So at some point you migrate from little scraps of paper to sheets of paper.

Then you migrate to notes in your computer.

Then you migrate to a documentation system.

Then you migrate back to notes in your computer.

Then you migrate to one big note.

Then you categorize your notes.

Then you review and prioritize your notes.

All the while, your notes have been gathering strength, preparing to assault your free time.

You open the flood gates .. and .. nothing happens.  The very notion of a list is intimidating, and actually "doing" anything is based on inspiration.  Priorities have shifted around so much over the years that looking at the list just gives a lot of "yeah, that ought to get done one of these days" instead of the burning-hot passion there used to be.

One of the things that's been a real killer for me using most wikis has been the syntax.  None of them get it right.

MediaWiki has been bearable, and over time I've grown used to it.  The problem is that nobody agrees on a remotely similar syntax.  There were some early efforts to create a generally agreed-upon syntax, and it did fairly well.. but it's still not used everywhere.

I'm not just talking about wikis, but about markup languages in general.  Even something like Ruby's RDoc decided on its own syntax.

And they're all wrong.  Seriously, who thinks  that __this is italicized__ ?

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I strongly appreciate a single-application single-tasking environment, because it forces you into a totally different mindset from the flurry of activity and noise one always has on an everyday "multitasking" computing environment these days.  But since most of my day is spent completely surrounded by multiple applications all vying for my attention, I've come to expect to be able to swap my attention around whenever I want.

But there are situations and applications which explicitly deny multitasking.


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