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64bit Linux finally happened for me.

There were a few stumbling blocks, most of which involved the general hesitation I had with stepping away from so much software I was relying on.  But now that I've seen how trivial recompiling is, and most especially because Macromedia Adobe Flash has an alpha out for Linux.

Yeah, an alpha.  But I couldn't tell.  Way back when, there were 32bit betas which were horrific.

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Software > Bundled Server Software >

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I would NEVER EVER recommend regular humans go anywhere near running raw server software on their desktop. It's a horror - I mean truly a horror unlike any you've ever imagined - to get that shit to work, to lock it down and to keep it running. If for some reason you did want to run a server, use a proper server distribution. A branch will eventually crop up for Unity Linux I'm sure, but there are Linux and BSD distributions which excel at this task.

So for us regular humans, a LAMP (software bundle) is the best thing to use. This is a collection of all the necessary tools which have been pre-configured to cooperate and bundled together in one .. much easier to use package. This concept has become wildly improved over the years, and I've used a bunch of different packages.

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