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Hobby software being what it is, there is no centralized place to have documentation.  Everyone turns to search engines, which means that user-contributed documentation can go anywhere online.. and it doesn't matter where.

This means that any project which attempts to centralize user documentation will be forced to reach out onto the net and cache their contributions from outside sources. is our timely example! (wmctrl)

If the original user documentation is updated, or new documentation is created, then that central resource goes out of date.

But is there hope?  Not at all!  =)

An enthusiastic user can only hope to contribute directly to the project.  Failing that, they have private notes or hopefully blog.. and that's one big mess.

Oh well..

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Followup YouTube+RSS-related stuff is in Atheist YouTube channels, now gone

Warning: This post contains everyday language. It's one thing to be polite, but I need to stress the importance of the destruction of usability-apathy. There's no room to be nice here.

I was intending to do a decent post every day, but I got really burned out. Why? I've been struggling with several different programs over the last couple of weeks. I've been sick and tired of the clumsiness that my apathy has allowed.

I think everyone has a sort of apathy towards usability issues. We take them as excusable or as some sort of status quo "that's just the way it is". I'm sick and fucking tired of that. Seriously.

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wmctrl user documentation.

  • These notes were created under wmctrl 1.07

    • I did not record the distribution (or version) that I was running at the time. Perhaps Unity Linux or PCLinuxOS.
    • wmctrl's changelog claims that 1.08 was released 2005-10-10, but it does not have a download link to that version.
  • NOTE - The transition from one format to another might mean there are odd mistakes (missing spaces, incorrect characters) in this document. Please Contact Me if you have any issues or you'd like an update.

    • This is probably the best piece of documentation on wmctrl and I demand perfection out of my docs. I'm the kind of guy who will put two spaces after a period in HTML (where the second is discarded).
  • An early version of this was partially-mirrored at (with my permission)
  • For the rant on users needing to create the documentation for the software they use, see

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