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World of Warcraft, discipline priests.

You look at your meters.  Healing done shows your discipline priest at the bottom of the list.  That's good!  It means your other healers are pulling their weight.  The day a discipline priest outperforms a traditional healer in healing done is the day you send them home to retrain.  Or maybe they were wearing their RP gear set to the raid?

You look at your healing + absorbs meters, and your discipline priest's numbers are so beyond the next healer down that there is absolutely no comparison .  What gives?  Is something wrong?  No, with numbers like that your Discipline Priest is simply doing their job correctly.  It isn't even an indication of that Discipline Priest being "better" than any other healer on your team!

You cannot compare an absorber with your traditional healers. I'll explain.

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TODO - check out alternatives

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

OptionHouse is an AddOn to manage AddOns.  It's a pretty simple concept.

Works, but no longer shows what addons are loaded

  • It's called OptionHouse on curse, and the escape menu shows "Option House" (with a space)

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World of Warcraft - Prayer of Mending

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(Prayer of Mending)

In L2Disc - An overview of Discipline Priest raiding, I mentioned that I wanted an AddOn which can track my Prayer of Mending.  Specifically, I want to know when I should be casting it so it's bouncing around out in the field.

Some people don't care, because they regularly re-cast it.  I find this rather inefficient, although I do see how it can be annoying to have the mending "stuck" on some too-rarely-damaged pet.

Other people talk about having HealBot or Grid display a Prayer of Mending icon.  This isn't useful at all to me, because it doesn't notify me when it's absent - there's just too much stuff going on for me to deal with scanning 25 raid positions for that icon.  On top of that, could I even configure either of them to deal with multiple instances of Prayer of Mending bouncing around, cast by multiple Priests?  Probably not.  Besides, I really despise both of those AddOns and I won't use them so I'm not going to stress over this.

So I need some other solution.  This sounds like a common problem, and one which is interesting for a programmer to solve.. so there must be something out there, right?  Well not really.

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As I mentioned in my Rotating immersion post, I've been rotating through various interests.  The present one has been World of Warcraft.  While probably not the best thing to be wasting my time on, considering the other stuff I had been working on and what I'm capable of, it's important to me to be able to do this so that the next time I swing back to something "useful" I will be completely refreshed.

The basic idea is to have some "downtime which isn't downtime".  I can either work hard on awesome stuff and then keep working out until I'm a burned out shell, or I can work hard on awesome stuff, then switch to working hard on less awesome stuff and ping-pong back and forth.  My overall effectiveness is higher, plus it's more fun for me.

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World of Warcraft >

I was never a "Vanilla WoW" player, and so I never got to see the vast majority of the raiding at that level.  I sortof saw patches of stuff, and I even got to wipe on a world dragon a few times.  Having not seen all this content, and having gone through most of the quests and very thoroughly through all of the instances I've come to appreciate the stark contrast between Vanilla and everything since.

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World of Warcraft >

A while back I had a crazy idea about actually using a hybrid character as a hybrid.  I'll post an old essay of mine, just to get it out there.

First some thoughts which are more recent than this piece.  Yes it was an oddball idea that I really wanted to try.  Hybrids are under-utilized.  This was also early WotLK and things may well have changed a lot since then.  I also haven't used a WotLK Shaman at all, so I'm probably wrong on a lot of things.

There are various assumptions about range, positioning and mana usage which are actually quite wrong in practice.  Melee-range totems don't offer too much of an advantage, being very close to a tank isn't needed, etc.

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World of Warcraft - Penance

World of Warcraft >

I want to discuss some of the stuff I've learned, and perhaps educate some people out there who haven't deeply delved into this stuff.  Perhaps it will inspire other Priests to go discipline or players to make a Priest alt.  I would encourage this, because one of the issues with this spec is that it's very difficult to know if a player/character is doing their best unless you have more discs around to compare notes.  Even then, disc is an unknown.

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World of Warcraft icon

For a while now, I've been playing the online game World of Warcraft ("WoW").  Come to think of it, I've been extremely unproductive in anything that's important to me in life because of this game.  Hmm.

But my habit of searching and reviewing has stayed with me.  One of the things which attracted me to this game in the first place is the possibility to customize the game client (Forum: UI and Macros).  Since it is impossible to create one interface which is universally acceptable, it is extremely good to allow developer customization.

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