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So I wanted to get City of Heroes - (2004 game) installed to try it out. I've been bored of World of Warcraft for the longest time, and a superhero-based game has been sounding like fun for some time now.

At this point neither Diablo 3 - (2012 game) nor Star Wars: The Old Republic were out. I just needed something to do.

But for some odd reason I could not get City of Heroes to work. It was definitely a DirectX issue, except DirectX refused to install! Hopefully someone out there can benefit from the hell I went through, and my notes would be useful..

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Yet another MMO, but this one is set in the Star Wars universe. Because light sabres, yo.

Conclusion: Amateur night.

This would have been great in the late nineties. Right now, the voiceovers are fantastic but the quest interactive cutscenes are ugly. The choices are sometimes vague and unforgiving. There is spectacular effort with all the rendered videos, but that just took away from resources for the game itself.

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