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A steady state-type program. Discards unwanted user changes at log off or reboot and has easy application-blocking.

I was exploring security on Windows XP and wanted a state-freezing system, so I can make dangerous changes and easily roll back. I purchased Clean Slate, played with it, was unimpressed and abandoned it. I don't know what's changed since those days, but this is a very complex and powerful program and I bet I could have put it to better use.

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A collaborative text editor.

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Source: usenet: utastro!nather, May 21, 1983.

A recent article devoted to the macho side of programming made the bald and unvarnished statement:

Real Programmers write in Fortran. [ see Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal ]

Maybe they do now, in this decadent era of Lite beer, hand calculators and "user-friendly" software but back in the Good Old Days, when the term "software" sounded funny and Real Computers were made out of drums and vacuum tubes, Real Programmers wrote in machine code. Not Fortran. Not RATFOR. Not, even, assembly language. Machine Code. Raw, unadorned, inscrutable hexadecimal numbers. Directly.

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