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A small shout-out to comedian Doug Stanhope.

While he's been active for quite some time, I only recently discovered him.

He is an intelligent, strangely-articulate and entirely abrasive asshole of a comedian. I laughed out loud very loudly multiple times watching/listening to his work.

There are lots of torrents out there, and yes Doug is ok with you downloading his stuff. (See Joe Rogan's podcast).

Some of his live stand-up is nowhere near as good as his professional performances. On the other hand, there can be a stiffness to the pro performances where they won't compare to a really good live one. Below is what I've seen so far.

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Andrew Mellen is a consultant, speaker and author who helps remove "stuff" from people's lives.

I watched a couple of videos of him speaking. He's entertaining, and has some interesting things to say and ways to get his ideas across. Not a lot of what he says is new to me, but there are some nice angles which made it worth my time to re-watch them and take notes.

These are my notes and thoughts.

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