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I can vaguely understand the idea behind stances.

I can also understand the benefits of a "hard" stance.

But defending with a resistive stance is like being a closed door. The attacker can either open the door - find a way to get you to soften, or kick the door in.

I'd prefer being a revolving door.

What happens when you "kick in" a revolving door?

Linux distributions + Gentoo >

(on Wikipedia)

In early 2013, Ubuntu, Red Hat (Fedora), Arch Linux and anything GNOME-related fell from my grace due to fundamental technology (e.g. systemd) or political issues (being evil).

I've been looking at some other distributions, particularly Gentoo-derived distributions.. but not Gentoo itself, since it's insane. Funtoo and Sabayon came up, and since Funtoo requires more free drive space than I have at the moment I checked out Sabayon.

2016-04-18 - Yeah, well.. since Gentoo now uses systemd, all it's sub-distributions will be dragged into the pit with it.

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Libertarianism is a topic I'm mildly interested in.. just not enough to do actual research. =p

I don't think it's possible to get there from here. I also believe wholeheartedly that no proponent of Libertarianism actually knows what the fuck is actually going on in the world, otherwise I would expect to see several idea markers.

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World of Warcraft pet battles are fairly straightforward, but can become quite intricate for us min-maxers.

So I'm creating a list of all pets to group the boring ones together and highlight the notable ones.

It's one thing to level pets or defeat the storyline, and another thing entirely to roflstomp grand and spirit masters and spirit masters with only two pets.. that's only possible with a really good team setup.

2015-03-22 this project has been abandoned. It should be entirely handled by an addon, even if each pet must be manually noted.

Part of this idea was referenced in PetTracker issue 17. However, that addon is concerned with the world map. I created an enhancement ticket for PetJournal Enhanced, ticket 126 (Implement pet breed/ability filter grid).

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Why do Americans distinguish people from oneanother by saying "X-American", like "Martian-American".

It's intentionally racist. A label applied even to people born and raised in a country that allies them with some place they may not have even been to or care about.

Why is Wikipedia especially interested with categorizing people in this manner? Everyone get labelled with a category as though it's particularly useful or interesting to get a list of all persons born in the USA, but who aren't REALLY Americans.

I thought Americans were supposed to be part of one big melting pot. I suppose I should admit that on the level of economics and politics there is significant consensus among the masses. A free market where a lack of success is each individual's fault, politics where people freely vote among the choices presented. Yep, all peachy keen.