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When I first got into Path of Exile - (2013 game), I did not use Windows (at the time I had access to Windows XP).

Using Wine was a significant project. Others had, even during my months of experimentation, reported they had things running just fine. I did have it running fairly well, but not well enough for me at the time. This ultimately lead to my abandoning using Wine at my earliest opportunity. I might have tried PlayOnLinux or codeweavers, and I might have even paid for it, but using Windows was easy enough once I dual-booted into it.

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A free-to-play 2.5D action semi-rpg game. Get gear, assign your abilities, explore and kill. Procedurally-generated areas and special "maps" give end-game replayability.

While straightforward to get into, it becomes atonishingly complex and unashamedly hard. [ 1 ] Astonishingly is now a word. They are also committed to keeping the game "hardcore" and not stooping to the level of appeasing the filthy casuals who ruin other games. This includes not avoiding pay to win.

Its developers care about their game more than any other developer for any other game I've played or have even heard of. Other than the little things, the game gets major updates every three months. Major as in expansion-quality new stuff.

Their community participation is strong.

  • NOTE - It has been bought out by China.

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1. Astonishingly is now a word.

I bumped into an interesting old article. Since it's nowhere else on the web I thought I'd share it.

This was written in 1997. Linking and images added by me, because I think its original author would find it funny.

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Product placement is big business, benefiting both movie studios (who get their props for free) and corporate marketers (who gain valuable exposure for their products). Done right, it can be amazingly cost-effective. Leveraged properly, it can drive sales. But the entertainment business can also be unpredictable and occasionally unkind.

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