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Death Watch - (1980 movie) poster

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A woman, dying in a macabre soap opera, is filmed by a man with cybernetic eyes.

Great movie, but the main actor's performance is absolutely horrible.

  • Based on The Unsleeping Eye - (1973 book), by David G. Compton

    • aka The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

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See also World of Warcraft alt-levelling group

Since Blizzard did the world nerf back in The Burning Crusade, the single-player experience has sucked horribly. Much more recent changes to questing have certainly helped, but overall it's all way too easy.

It's so easy that people have to think up creative ways to make the game hard so that levelling a new character can be a challenge instead of a chore.

My ideas came before the The Ironman Challenge (US forums) in which you wear only grey and white items, use no talents and try not to die.

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