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This was a piece I had rattling around in my head for some time. It gets weak at the end, and has no real flow to it, but it's interesting enough in places that I thought I'd clean it up and publish it. Enjoy my dark sarcasm!

In a mass-market scenario, the larger the population the higher the chance for one or more free software projects to appear.

Since software can, in theory, be inherited by additional programmers and indefinitely updated, even the smallest chance for a free software project to be created becomes an inevitability over time. This means that even a niche market scenario can have competition from free software.

A crowd of hobbyists will have more time and expertise for a general-purpose piece of software than a development house can bring to bear. Simply put, they can do it better.

It goes without saying that cheaper, better and more supported free software will eventually out-compete proprietary equivalents, displacing established businesses and markets.

How can this problem be addressed?

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Disambiguation: Chromium (dietary mineral)


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A web browser compiled from the released source of Google Chrome.

It's simplicity is overdone to the point of losing functionality. Some of its preferences are so wrong that I can't use it, and because it's inflexible I can't fix their mistakes.

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Google's informal motto is/was don't be evil. They claimed to be pretty good guys.

However, Google has (as I figured) very obviously become Evil. Tracking.. hell, building activity webs. Why do you think they have all kinds of web developer services like captcha. They get to see who uses them.

So since they're evil, I'll stop using Google Search.

Instead, I'll use DuckDuckGo. They claim to be pretty good guys.

Hey wait.

Polipo + adzapper

While Replacing Firefox, I wanted to look into a solution for abstracting out advertisement blocking.

I failed.

  • Polipo makes downloading from file-hosting sites hang up regularly, starting at 15MB. May be a mis-configuration.
  • I have Firefox set up to let me type single words into the location bar to trigger its search feature. Polipo breaks this, trying to go to http://keyword Multiple keywords work, so this is rather strange.

See also Ad-blocking with Polipo

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