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FIXME - I'm having some issues with configuration, where the regular start routine won't work, probably because I'm using a symbolic link for some configuration. Argh!

BitTorrent with the Raspberry Pi >

I ended up going with transmission-daemon, because I had been using transmission on my desktop.

It's both capable and surprisingly easy to set up.

Tested 2013-11-01 on Raspbian 2013-09-25, updated recently.

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Linux distributions + Gentoo >

A live distribution focused on security and secure communications.

It has a lot of goodies cooked-in. I played with it for a bit, and think it's ok.. but I'd need to hack on it a bit to make it work more comfortably for me.

  • Properly titled Liberté Linux
  • As of 2015-04-16 the project is dormant/dead. If it woke up it would use systemd, as Gentoo does.

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