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This is yet another unfinished piece. I've been thinking of some of these ideas on and off for some years, and some of it may make it into the fiction I'm writing.

If I had not a regular time machine, but some magical one, would I do with it?

I say magical because I imagine completing fairly vague and complex goals not achievable as myself simply going back and performing whatever action.

What could I accomplish? What would I do?

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This is yet another article that sat around as a draft for far too long. I'm pushing it out, it seems alright to me.

The problem with big guys picking on little guys is that the little ones play by different rules.

When reacting, the little guy has no choice but to go straight to asymmetric warfare. In the case of anti-culture corporate actions, by far the most effective tool has been the Streisand effect.

So when an individual's specific action is threatened, that action is given over to the swarm. The threat turns the snake into a hydra.

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