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The Minecraft for EverQuest Next.

I was invited to the closed beta in 2014-06-15. I tried it for maybe 45 minutes before throwing my hands up in complete disgust.

I have no interest in this now that EverQuest Next has been aborted.

  • Formerly EverQuest Landmark

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This is a nice light terminal.

When I learned that aterm does not support unicode, I went looking for its replacement. It suggested rxvt-unicode, so here I am. See Unicode VGA font for the font I ended up using.

  • aka urxvt
  • It is not tabbed, use one of the /tag/terminal-multiplexers (I currently use this one).

    • Okay, technically it's tabbed with the "tabbed" perl extension:
      \urxvt -pe tabbed

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