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  • My new power supply came in. It's not spectacular, but it's pretty good.

    • I archived its documentation.
    • I hooked it up.
    • Holy shit, it's quiet! My old PSU must have been pretty old and dusty, because it was touted as being extremely quiet.
    • It's mounted at the bottom of the case. I have it with its fan pointed up. It's pulling air from the middle of the case and pushing it out the back. Yes, it's "upside-down", but I didn't want to pull air from the carpet and figure this might help cool my video card even more. I'm not concerned about the power supply heating up, lasting less time or being inefficient (and therefore loud).
  • Continued watching Breaking Bad - (2008 show). Yes, it's derailing my doing much of anything else. =p

Five Things >

  • I really got into Breaking Bad - (2008 show) and watched into the middle of season two.
  • Completed NZXT H2 - (computer case), including adding a gallery.
  • I checked out Windows, got it updated and am still baffled at why it may be working now that I've .. replaced my case. Yes, that's my only change. Instead of getting what are clearly hardware-related blue screens, it seems to be working fine. Did a Windows update, and updated Path of Exile - (2013 game). No BSOD [ 1 ] Blue Screen Of Death . Odd.
  • Did some poking around some old bookmarks and organized them a little. Things have drifted out of place, and I need to figure out a cleaner sorting standard to encourage quicker (less intimidating) organization.

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1. Blue Screen Of Death
NZHT. 103-h2 case - black - front angle

Computers > Quiet cases >

NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

aka NZXT CS-NT-H2-B or H2-001-BK

Conclusion: Seems great!

NZXT H2 Silent Mid-Sized Tower

I snapped off the front door, tried to glue it on and then snapped it off again. While it's not fragile as fuck, I'm clumsy and it's not very well made.

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This is not quite a live projects -- there's lots to learn!

This is primarily for movie-DVDs, with instructions for Linux. Another topic covers ripping audio.

Use cases:

  • Backup discs you own, before disc rot sets in.
  • Rip discs and keep them safe

    • e.g. parents with little kids (or drunken friends) who damage discs.
  • Playing on DVD-driveless devices

    • (or devices where the DVD player has stopped working)
    • Such as a phone or portable media player.
      - e.g. a portable player for road trips.

See also:

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