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I'm using this logo .. because reasons
I'm using this logo .. because reasons

(on Wikipedia)

A filesystem I use because of checksumming and de-duplication.

Very good, although I've had a sketchy history with it. I've used multiple versions of it, sometimes mounting the same partition with different versions of it.

I stopped using it because I lost trust in its reliability.

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Five Things >

  • NZXT H2 - (computer case) updated to include two more issues I found.

    • The top hard drive dock doesn't work.
    • Tapping the front of the case (with the door open) spits out some error messages. I'll have to troubleshoot some more later.
  • I learned some more about my earlier video freezing issue. It was a software issue all along, and was unrelated to my hardware changes.
  • Btrfs fucked up again. I posted my notes there.
  • Path of Exile updated

    • 2014-08-20 will have another major update.
    • need to learn about the passives changes.
SpaceFM logo

(on Wikipedia)

The current god of file managers.

Originally a set of modifications to PCManFM, called PCManFM-mod. It got a life of its own, and was rewritten.

It's bloody amazing, and does so much "just right". I can tell that the author has his head on straight. It ought to be the default in Linux distributions.

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SyntaxHighlighter banner

Also SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, which uses SyntaxHighlighter

This seems ok, but would need to be reskinned to work on a dark theme.

I ended up going with BlogText.