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Build and fight with robot vehicles.

I played a bit of it, and it was interesting but didn't really do it for me.

They won't stop spamming me. Their mailing list unsubscription doesn't work for me.

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With a strong talent for ad-lib, inflammatory rhetoric and confrontation, Patrice O'Neal is (was) a hilariously wrong comedian. He is deceased.

Patrice is astoundingly hilarious, though all too often it's because he's so offensive. I'd like to say he's speaking his mind, but it's impossible to tell, because a comedian crafts a fictional personality to present comedic material, and his is fantastic. He comes off as refreshingly authentic.

He's been a guest for a bunch of radio shows, and he is worth listening to if you can stomach the awful hosts.

With a tenancy to dive into relationship territory, Patrice neither ejects nor leaves a skid mark trying to land. Instead, he explodes like a meteor, throwing up debris and setting everything on fire. He does not hold back.

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Driven by De Beers' manufactured value of diamonds, the story follows a robbery being investigated by police and an ugly insurance woman of some sort.

Maybe it gets better, but it's slow and boring. Maybe I needed to see an extended-length pilot episode. This has John Hurt, but that's not good enough for me. Maybe I should have given this more of a chance, but .. I'm not going to.

  • Has scenes spoken in the French language, with English subtitles. It takes place in France, so there are a lot.
  • Has scenes spoken in the Serbian language, with English subtitles.

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Guild bounty hunters hunt bounties and stuff.

I like it so far.

I am reminded of Firefly - (2002 TV show).

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