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The schizophrenic perspective of a man regarding his girlfriend.

This is one of those movies whose accurate description would spoil it. Overall I liked this movie, but I can easily see how others would not like this style of story telling. I strongly disliked the overall pacing and resolution. They seemed mistimed and more and more rushed toward the end.

While I liked it well enough, this isn't a movie I'd re-watch and isn't something I'd generally recommend. Lovers of a certain topic or flavour of movie would probably like this one, but it would be impossible to know how to match those people with this movie.

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Following a womanising business consultant.

Supposedly comedy. It's not.

I find this really strongly uncomfortable. It has a whole lot of immoral or awkward assholishness. Maybe this would develop later, but there's no way I'm going to get through this show's growing pains if it's full of more of what I've already seen.

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A gothic/"alternative" metal band, who I know from their days of opening for The Gathering.

They were really great, but like their peers they slid downhill. Andrea Ferro ruins pretty much every song he's in, and I've always wished him completely removed from the band.