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FlashBench - sandisk 2gb as SD

Testing USB storage >

A USB storage testing application.

A tiny, portable, storage device speed tester. Created specifically for USB storage.

Very very nice. Easy to use

(Yes, USB storage is that bad with small files)

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Five Things >

  • I tried the newer Open Broadcaster Software "Studio" version, and had a fucking misadventure with trying to stitch images together to create a slideshow with a transparent background.
  • I accidentally typed "Windows 100" and got an eye-twitch.
  • I guess I should have been more strict about updating Twitch during my experimentation.

    • It's a fucking pain in the ass.
  • Several hardware-related tags were created and various hardware topics were updated.

    • Yes, I'm tagging hardware as proprietary.
  • I tinkered with Twitch streaming. I'll be updating that page soonish.

    • My computer can't handle most things. =(
  • I experimented with MultiBootUSB. It was a failure.

Discord logo

Software > VoIP, Instant messagers >

(on Wikipedia)

Yet another VoIP client.

A clumsy "pretends to be pretty" interface, but it seems reasonable enough. Definitely not better than Mumble for the basics.

It might be better-suited for large groups, or because it has a free server, or some other thing I haven't discovered. I'll keep it in my toolbox, but I don't really like it.

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Proteus logo

Entertainment > Games >

(on Wikipedia)

Open-world exploration.

It's like an even crappier-graphics Minecraft, only with nothing to do. At first I thought it was quirky and interesting, but for some reason I got lifted in the air and after a long, long, while the game ended. I redid things, and this happened the second time too.

GlyphStatus image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

Keep track of your alts' missing glyphs.

Really annoying to use, but .. well, there's nothing else.

  • /gs <name of character>
  • Probably replaceable by Glyph Reporter, TODO - test

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