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This is a steaming pile of shit. Do not watch it!

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Having fallen from grace, two friends are reunited in their pursuit of ghosts, eventually forming a band of four who fight them. And stuff.

This is neither a sequel to the actual Ghostbusters - (1984 movie), nor is it anything in its style or quality. It's just a theft of the franchise. It shits all over it. Ignoring all of that, it's still an awful movie on its own.

This is not a comedy! Don't mistake it for one! The only funny scene had nothing to do with the main characters.

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Can I Mog It another class

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Gives more detailed tooltip information on transmogrification for an item. For example, it lets one see if it's learnable on an alt.

A absolutely essential addon.

  • On disk, it is called CanIMogIt

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