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This is just shy of being unused, because I wrecked the audio jack.


Not in stock at, but perhaps try one of:

A very high quality and easy-to-use dictaphone / mp3 player / usb stick.

highly recommended

  • There is no name brand or model identification on this device or its documentation.
  • dx names this 1.2" 8GB Noise Reduction Digital Voice Recorder w/ Speaker - Grey
  • This uses the exact same packaging as Digital Voice Recorder.
  • This replaces Digital Voice Recorder.

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I've been thinking of it for a while, and I think these Five Things posts will also include new entries.


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(on Wikipedia)

A famous work of philosophy, especially because it's told using a story.

A terrible work of storytelling that entirely shrouds any philosophy it may have. From the first sentence I rolled my eyes and couldn't make it through the first half-page before setting it down in disgust. I still haven't been more than a handful of pages in.. it's just so god damned bad.

This'll sit on my shelf, among its betters, probably for years before I get around to trying to read more of it. Just as books in ancient Greek need translating, I think this needs a real writer to re-tell the story.

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Free Speech Isn't Free - How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Establishment And Won, by Roosh Valizadeh

I like free speech, and already know the phrase "free speech isn't free", so this caught my attention.

It was cheap, and I've been making a habit of getting some more books in dead-tree format. I was bumbling around on Amazon when I found this. I have neither an idea who the author is nor do I know anything about this topic. I like that it's "recent".

After reading: It's good storytelling, and even after its lengthy description of events I have definitely not heard of any of it. It describes the sorts of things people are willing to do once they succumb to an ideology, and the "two minutes of hate" they participate in. Even politicians must follow suit, if only with hollow rhetoric. Media are wholly in on it, as they are at best ambulance-chasers for entertainment-news, and at worst willing to start and stoke a fire to have any sort of relevancy.

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Here, have some Music. is a great way to download youtube videos, including 1080p with full audio.


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(on Wikipedia)

An assassin tries to leave the life, and though she gets tracked down she survives and takes to a life of revenge.

Incredibly drawn out. I've seen it some time ago, but even attempting to re-watch this makes me cringe. This gets grouped into the category of "I'd be able to pay attention if the lead character was better looking." .. and like those other films, that still wouldn't be enough to make this a good movie.

This is a shit movie that only did well because it was unique at the time.

  • This is the whole of volume 1 and volume 2 put together.

    • I understand there is a DVD release, and it'll be shown in theatres for some reason. I also found a fan edit.
  • Properly titled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair
  • There will probably be a sequel.

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