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Dracula Untold - (2014 movie) poster

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A boy turned into a horrifying soldier becomes a totally likable guy.

I believe I watched this movie already, but perhaps it faded from memory due to its mediocrity. I couldn't watch very far in before being entirely turned off at the concept of the main character.

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A set of exercises created by practicing psychology clinicians and academics, demonstrated to improve lives.

People who spend time writing carefully about themselves become happier, less anxious and depressed and physically healthier. They become more productive, persistent and engaged in life. This is because thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.

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A multiplayer, text, third-person shooter originally made for DOS, but I know it from Novell Netware.

I had a hell of a lot of fun with it. Perhaps it's nostalgia which makes me stay so fond of it, but I think the fundamental gameplay still holds up today. I could easily imagine a great updated version of this but I have and still do see this same gameplay in all sorts of other top-down games.

Boda Secreta - (1989 movie) poster

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A man wakes up naked with amnesia and seeks out his fiance from years ago.

Not great and not recommended. It's got a shaky story and a weakly-portrayed world. Both the movie's world and the film quality are particularly low. Its acting and speech are stiff.

  • In English, the title is Secret Wedding.

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Immortals - (2011 movie) poster

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A warlord seeks to unleash the enemies of the gods to kill them.

While watchable, I would only recommend it to fans of the sword and sandal genre who can also stand the "quality" that Hollywood offers.

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