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After the assassination of his father, a new king is crowned for an insular but extraordinary nation, but he does not go unchallenged.

I decided to watch this, breaching my "no more superhero movies" position, because there was some fascinating drama surrounding it.

Not recommended: I can't understand why anyone would think this is particularly good for any particular reason. Aside from being all manner of racist, it does not provide any intellectual cud to chew on.

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Logan (Wolverine) gets tangled up with a girl fleeing a mutant research and breeding lab that is definitely nothing like that of Dark Angel - (2000 show).

Not recommended.

This is like a DC version of X-Men. It was passable at best, and a good way to put the whole series and concept of comic book movies to bed. I think I'll end them all on this low note.

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Research on music licensing, with a focus on legally streaming copyrighted music.

This is not about the equipment, the act of bring a DJ or any other practical thing. This is about the law, and particularly for someone in Canada.

I had tinkered with this as a project some time ago, but I misplaced those bookmarks before thinking to post them up here. I'm not presently that interested, but I will be if I pursue related endeavours in the future.

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Time travellers recruit an everyman to help save their world.

Crude and un-funny.