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In a dystopic future akin to Brave New World - (1932 book), by Aldous Huxley, everyone is lost in a virtual reality, playing a game to take control of the world's largest corporation.

This movie is parasitic to the childhoods of old men and permanent-children. It's worth a watch if you're over 40, otherwise it'll be a fairly confusing mess of references.

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A simple volume icon for your taskbar's tray.

Works great, no dependencies for me, and does more than what I want.

I got this working, because fbpanel's volume plugin decided to not show up again.

  • 2018-04-15 - 0.4.6 on Devuan-1.0.0-jessie-i386-DVD

    • Even if set to not do so, clicking will mute: Click once for the popup volume slider, and click again to mute.
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A semi-roguelike tower defence-ish game.

Utterly impossible. Doesn't make a lick of sense. Unlimited waves of stuff, for some reason. Can't build enough, the resource limitations are obscene.

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Inspired by the story of the forty-seven rōnin. If you don't know it, then don't look that up. I can't give a description without spoiling it. Consider yourself lucky to have a fresh mind.

This is a patient yet tense movie. I have next to no notes, because there's really nothing to write or even think about. Recommended, though not "highly recommended", as there are a lot of movies which execute this general manly-man theme extremely well. Though it's not among its number, anyone who likes the samurai genre should give this a watch.

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In a futuristic Germany, a mute guy has relationship troubles.

An interesting world, but generally terrible writing.

  • German is unnecessarily sprinkled throughout this movie.
  • Intended as a spiritual successor to Moon - (2009 movie), though I don't see how.

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As a commentary on Edward Snowden or WikiLeaks or some such, a list, that somehow exists, is out in the clear and being hunted by various spies.

It would have made a huge difference had this not been portrayed as a flashback/debriefing. Because of this complete failure in storytelling, there was no sense of risk at all; an important part of a spy movie like this.

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