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a note on article dates

  • Ported articles are given a timestamp of 00:00.
  • The dates from the oldest articles (2005 or so) are likely wrong, as they were ported from a still-older content management system.

    • Just as this "five things" process exists, I had an earlier series of notes tracking a still-earlier porting process. In due time, I'll go through that list and correct dates as best I can.

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Stargate - Continuum - (2008 movie) poster

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On the capture of his last surviving clone, an evil alien enacts a time-editing plan to defeat his human enemies.

It's basically a long episode. As such, it would be impossible to appreciate without having watched much of the series.

Note: I don't know that I would put it here in this the viewing order.

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2019-02-18 - some time ago these instructions magically stopped working. I think this is because of a during-install update which I don't know how to stop (yet).

Computer security: Devuan + dm-crypt >

Devuan's installer has an encryption feature, but it formats your whole hard drive and uses LVM, neither of which I want.

  • Given a hard drive which has regular partitioning and not LVM.
  • Where a / (root) partition is encrypted (dm-crypt) and in use.

    • Such as with an earlier release of Devuan
  • Install Devuan, re-using the encrypted partition without re-encrypting/formatting from scratch.

    Note - I will be writing separate instructions on how to manually make and manage encrypted partitions.

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